Subject expert, organised, great people skills... what more would you want from a Lean Startup expert. We had the privilege of having Danny support the Startupbootcamp Berlin 2014 program. He was a huge addition to the quality of the program. Plus he’s a Startupbootcamp alumni and we love it when that happens.
— Alex Farcet, Founder Startupbootcamp
We were gifted to count with Danny’s mentorship during our acceleration at StartupBootcamp. He has an outstanding combination of deep knowledge, methodology and thoroughness, all wrapped up with a super hands-on and positive attitude. Let him contribute in your early stage project if you have the chance, you won’t regret.
— Oriol Tort, CEO @Counterest
Danny ist ein leidenschaftlicher Entrepreneur. Er gibt seine vielfältigen Erfahrungen als Gründer und Projektverantwortlicher von Startup Genome & Startup Ecosystem Report 2012 & 2015 auf sehr interaktive Art und Weise an Startups weiter. Er ist ein authentischer und glaubwürdiger Coach und es macht riesig Spaß ihm zuzuhören.
— Stefan Freier, COO
Danny is a legend! I benefited from Danny’s help during Startupbootcamp. Danny combines boundless energy with a deep knowledge of lean startup strategy. Danny’s the guy who’s read all the books and knows the startup landscape. In his coaching sessions and seminars, he brings this to your company in an engaging and practical way - you’ll leave with a plan and reenergized.
— Joshua Whale, Founder Ampersand
Danny is a gifted person. Because he has many years experience as entrepreneur, he knows a variety of methods to ensure you learn what you need to.

His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable and gives you the best learning experience. He is always encouraging and positive. He is one of the best motivators and coaches I have ever had for my entrepreneurial career.
— Dr. Thomas Funke, RKW Kompetenzzentrum, Leiter Bereich Gründung
Danny helped us so much in structuring our thoughts! When you’re spinning around your business idea alone, you often loose focus and what really matters to the market. Danny was great in identifying where we had to improve and where we have to focus. I really recommend working with him, it will give a great boost to your business idea!
— Malte Metzing, Co-Founder MyBus
The most important thing that I learned at startupbootcamp was to get help from experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. And Danny was exactly one of that guys - a professional on lean management and an entrepreneur himself. Beside his very useful hints and tips he understood perfectly the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life and was able to find the right words and the right time - thank you Danny!
— Flavio Alario, Founder Rokka Solutions
Dannys hands on approach to productivity is nothing less but a decision to structure your life - not just to master your to-do-list, but to give you back your own time, in order to not simply work more, but also live and breathe.
— Katharina Moser
Danny is a unique entrepreneur, who besides mastering the business know-how, he fuses many start-up methodologies to a practical approach that leads to success
— Gal & Guy, CEO & CTO @Routier
Danny Holtschke ist ein aufstrebender, junger Coach für Start-ups im Bereich Marketing, Vertrieb, Team Organisation und Produktivität. Wir freuen uns, dass wir mit Danny als Trainer bei unseren Academy Workshops, Wiener Start-ups bei der Umsetzung ihrer Geschäftsidee unterstützen können.
— Gabriele Tatzberger, Head of Start up Services, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
Proven Process of upcoming Sales Guru that will change how products will be marketed and companies be grown. Be prepared to accelerate your incoming qualified leads to get more SALES.
— Sascha Dewald, Co-Founder & Ex-Head of Sales @Paylogic
“Productivity: Productivity and the efficiency of small teams are very important aspects in the business development of start ups. Usually, I am very skeptical of events promising to improve ones productivity, since start up projects are normally too different that general rules apply. It surprised me how Danny managed to integrate the very diverse business models of the attendees and
provide helpful advice to everyone. Particularly useful I found the hands-on advices for software in an efficient work flow and the optimization of tasks in a standard workday.”
— Philipp Wissgott, CTO
Danny’s approaches are pragmatic and battle tested. It just works!
— Marco & Stefan, CEO & CTO @Sunride