Welcome to 'Denkanstoss'

Denkanstoss (German for 'Thought-Provoking Impulse' or 'Food for Thought')


I am Danny Holtschke (@dannyholtschke). I invite you to my blog in which I write about my learnings on studying startups @Startup Compass in Silicon Valley, starting one myself in Berlin (#startup) and coaching startups @Startupbootcamp.

Welcome. I am happy that you are spending your time with me today!


Side note on Dec 22 2015: Sometimes it's inevitable to throw month of unsatisfying work results into the trash bin and — finally deliver on your own promise. By only concentrating on StartupGeist.com, killing StartupGeist.de and posting all German articles on my personal website DannyHoltschke.com I hope to do so.

Lessons Learned: Don't shy away to dismiss. To dissolve. Accept that you are always growing. That means to kill old stuff. Let go. And so —make room.

Neue Botschaft: Ich möchte Studenten & Absolventen durch StartupGeist - Blog & Podcast - helfen, ihre unternehmerischen Träume zu entdecken und diese fokussiert und produktiv zu realisieren. Entdecke auch du deinen StartupGeist und hole dir eines meiner 5 eBooks.