Live an Entrepreneurial Life

I want more students to live the life they really want to live. I believe that can be achieved by being an entrepreneur. But most students don’t have the right mindset to unlock their talents and true potential. Of course, it takes time to do so — AND every journey starts with a single first step. And then another one. Then one more. Step by step.

It’s simple – but yet hard to follow because “we” tend to live and think in the past and the future neglecting the present moment. Not embracing what is in front of us. I believe that starting a company, startup or freelancing job doesn’t need to be extremely stressful. Hence, I want more students to realise their entrepreneurial dreams in a focused, productive, healthy and mindful way.

When we apply the right systems, tools and mindset, it can be smoother. That’s why I am driven to compile and share startup best practices and entrepreneurial success principles with you — that I call ’the StartupGeist’. The StartupGeist eases your start a bit to eventually succeed in going after your entrepreneurial dreams.

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My First Startup: An Emotional Rollercoaster

“Go on and finally live your dream, Danny!” Over the years, my inner voice became louder and louder. Mistakenly I assumed that there would be a perfect time for starting a company. That I could prepare to be an entrepreneur. Preparing through several career steps, like being a consultant or by reading a lot. Now I know: The perfect timing is an illusion. Yes, I believe you can prepare — not by reading or doing consultancy, BUT by acting entrepreneurially.

To become an entrepreneur, you must start creating, building, doing. Even really small. It doesn’t matter. Just do something and don’t wait for a better time — as I did for too long! Please accept … that there is NO perfect timing — really for anything in life. Not for growing up. Not for becoming a parent. Not for dying. There is only one important point: The beginning of a journey. NOW!

Read here what else I learned from my first startup and why I think a startup shouldn’t be the first step of your entrepreneurial journey. I also give advice on how to choose a co-founder, how to get a job in a startup, how to choose a startup and provide a framework for making career decisions.

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Startup Mystery: What Is A Startup?

The term ‘startup’ is poorly understood and greatly misused by a lot of people. Not surprisingly, there isn’t a common definition everyone agrees on. This creates myths and false illusions — especially created by outsiders who foolishly write and talk about this phenomena. It feels like every entrepreneur starting a business nowadays calls his business a startup — either an agency, a freelance activity or a bakery with an online ecommerce store. They might aim at using the startup-like mindset for their business to accelerate it — the StartupGeist — but they are not a startup by definition.

Let’s go through several startup experts to better understand what a #startup is and why this business organization is indeed very special. Welcome to the Global Entrepreneurial Enlightenment.

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Berlin’s Rise to a Global Startup Hub

Tech Entrepreneurs around the globe use the magnificent scale of the internet to offer their products and services. Everywhere around us we see acts of Schumpeterian ‘creative destruction’ replacing existing structures with new ones. The Economist called this trend a ‘Cambrian Explosion of digital startups’. It pierces every angle of our economy with innovative products and service. Just think Apple, Google, Twitter, AirBnB, Soundcloud, Spotify, Uber. ‘Software is eating the world’ as Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley based venture capitalist, originally coined it. BUT, only 9 out of 10 startups succeed. AND they don’t succeed everywhere. Startups mostly succeed in given startup hubs – now popping up around the globe. I choose Berlin as an example to show how startup hubs emerge and why they are critically important for startup founders to succeed. If you aren’t in one of the major global hubs, move there or #fail with your startup.

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