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“As a agile coach, Danny has the gift to be a great listener. He gives his peer a great reflection of his or her own way of thinking.”

— Heiko Burdack, CTO Commerzbank

What others say[1] about working with Danny

It was always a great pleasure to work close with Danny. His holistic way of thinking about agile and how to adopt in a corporate culture is like a kind of fresh air. His strong track record in Entrepreneurship and StartUp settings is a great combination to give teams a best practice view. As a moderator of critical workshop I was always impressed about Danny sense to get what is really in the head of the participants and to guide them to a great workshop result.

As a personal coach Danny has the gift to be great listener. He gives his peer a great reflection of his own way of thinking.

Heiko Burdack, CTO at Commerzbank

Danny is an outstanding person & very reliable business partner. Danny has proven to coach board members as well as agile teams during agile transformation using his natural talent and gift of empathy. He is a connected and strategic thinker. I recommend working with Danny as an agile consultant and agile leadership coach.

Dr. Shamim Rafat, CEO & Founder at zero360

Danny is in incredible passionate, positive and entrepreneurial person that I’ve always enjoyed working with. He know the startup and innovation community from the inside-out!

Dr. Thomas Funke, Co-Founder & CEO | University President | Building the University for a better tomorrow

Danny hat unser Team stets kompetent unterstützt und seine exzellenten Kenntnisse gut durchdacht anwendbar gemacht. Spaß kam dabei nie zu kurz !

Daniel Rohrhirsch, Partner at Roland Berger GmbH| N3XT

I very much appreciated the work with Danny. In our sessions he always kept the thread and development in mind. The time with him was excellently invested and exceeded my desired goals and wishes. I was able to implement elaborated strategies, tips and tricks and integrate them into my business routines.

Sebastian Baumann, Founder & CEO | DATAbility GmbH

I was working with Danny on a project when Corona came upon us. He is an exceptional person who not only helped the client with his personality and agile expertise during a difficult time, but also helped me personally a lot. It is an extraordinary experience to work with Danny!

Martin Funck, Digital Product Developer

Subject expert, organised, great people skills… what more would you want from a Lean Startup expert. We had the privilege of having Danny support the Startupbootcamp Berlin 2014, 2015, and 2016 program. He was a huge addition to the quality of the program. Plus he’s a Startupbootcamp alumni and we love it when that happens.

Alex Farcet, Co-founder Rainmaking Impact syndicate

Sound intercultural skills, very professional approach enriched by a forward thinking mindset!

Sebastian Bahrinipour, Managing Partner at

Danny’s pragmatic way of working, his perspective on agile and his emotional intelligence helped us at Signal Iduna scale our agile framework and governance. He took care of 20 agile coaches as a servant leader and left a mark here for a lot more. Thanks for sharing this agile transformation journey together – it was a great pleasure!

Markus Lange, Tribe Lead Customer Experience

Danny has the power to move and inspire poeple and the best person to have on your side when you want to transform your organization.
I really admired working with him, especially for his ability to act on all flight levels.
He can reflect and give clarity on a strategic management level but also install and iterate structures and solutions on the ground – and connect the dots.

It´s refreshing Danny always keeps it real, there´s is no bs and dogmatic working by the book. It´s always pragmatic, user and context centered.

Hannes Kluge, Founder & MD at Forever Day One

I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Danny for the past 3 years to introduce and foster open innovation in gategroup.

He is a great business partner with entrepreneurial spirit and mature approach thanks to which he is capable conduct with effectiveness design thinking workshops, always looking forward to bringing tangible impact for his customers.

He demonstrated on several occasions strong interpersonal skills that allowed him to build a climate of trust and respect. He always showed great empathy working with people from different cultures and geographies, showing a flexible approach in international environments.

Please contact me for any further recommendation.

Francesco Radogna, EMBA, Director Business Management @UBS

I had the pleasure of getting to know Danny at Google’s first Design Sprint conference in San Francisco where we were both on an expert panel. Danny is the epitome of a mindful leader. He is deeply empathetic and present with those he collaborates with, a phenomenal teammate. Furthermore, his expertise as a Design Sprinter, facilitator, and innovator is second to none. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Danny in the near future.

Mike Edmonds, Strategy @Microsoft 

Danny is one of the most creative design thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and kindest person I know. I’ve been following Danny’s career for many years and have become his mentor and friend. Danny and I crossed paths in Silicon Valley where he taught design thinking to companies like Twitter and Google with great success. He is whip smart and has been creating impact in Product Strategy, Business Modeling, and Design Innovation for over a decade. I love working with Danny and am happy that his clients and collaboration partners keep raving about him.

Thomas Arend Ph.D., Product Executive | CEO and Co-Founder

Since 2013, Danny and I developed a strong friendship always nerding out about Tim Ferriss or Tony Robbins stuff. Before joining AJ&Smart, Danny successfully worked on a startup (which he later sold!) and a couple of smaller lifestyle businesses (like a photobooth rental, a startup podcast). In 2016, I finally had the chance to work with Danny.

He started as head of sales but soon became a sparring partner to me and the leadership team. I also noticed he was an amazing facilitator and quickly became one of course best Design Sprint facilitators!

Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart


[1] Taken from my LINKEDIN PROFILE