Senior Product Manager at University of Auckland

Stepping into a leadership role as part of the Uni’s IT department, I’m now responsible for student experience outside the classroom.

We call that “Enabling Environment” — as highlighted in Taumata TeiTei, the Uni’s 2023 Vision.

Prior: Senior Agile Coach at Auckland Transport

After moving to Auckland, New Zealand in September 2022, I worked for Auckland Transport as a senior agile coach.

Adaptive Practice training (Apr ’23) with 40 grads
Notion Second Brain Templates

I’m currently building Notion templates to capture the power of Tiago Forte’s Second Brain approach — currently focusing on the German market.

Link to see my German-based Notion Templates

Agiler Senf Podcast

I’m the host of the podcast ‘Agiler Senf‘. With my friend Heiko Burdack (CTO at one of Germany’s biggest banks), I’m recording weekly episodes talking about agility, technology, and leadership — mostly in German. We do have a few English ones. See two YouTube links below.

Link to Agiler Senf website

PS: Our podcast name derives from the German saying “seinen Senf dazu geben” which can be translated as “to add one’s two cents”.

The expression dates back to the 17th century. At that time, mustard was considered a very valuable spice and was often undesirably added to dishes to make them seem more precious. Adding mustard was as undesirable then as giving advice after not asking – that’s how we see this podcast. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and share our experiences.