The Three Principles

The Three Principles depend on a simple understanding of human nature. The better we understand these, the more our obsessive thinking falls away. We gain clarity, stay calmer and find answers more easily.


How would you explain something that cannot be explained with words? One example is the Three Principles.

Another example is explaining the colour ‘white’ to a blind person?

That is what Sydney Banks has made your life’s work. As a stinking ordinary person from Scotland with no university degree, he is likely to experience the enlightening realisation that we humans are subject to a small but important misunderstanding….read more

Sydney Banks and the Three Principles

Flash of Genius: May the next one be around the corner

Flash of inspiration alert: How often do you analyse yourself or others? How often do you compare and evaluate yourself and others? From my experience, we analyse and compare ourselves all the time. We often feel bad because we think that others are “doing so much better”, even though we don’t know how they are doing. [Read more]